Xiaohongshu Launched Brand Account, the One-stop Solution Connected Content to Transaction

release time: March 20th, 2019
On March 20th, 2019, Xiaohongshu launched the Brand Account to help brands better connect with consumers with a one-stop closed-loop marketing solution. The predecessor of the Brand Account of Xiaohongshu is commercial brands' user account. A Brand Account can help a brand obtain an official certification, as well as invite brand partners to publish business cooperation feeds. In addition, the interaction between followers can help a brand to understand multidimensional data, and directly configure their brand flagship store, which contributes to transaction conversion.Those who have already opened the brand account in Xiaohongshu do not need to reopen an account again. Their original followers will be unaffected. Xiaohongshu will upgrade five modules for the brand's user account to the Brand Account:1. Official certification: Official certification mark, with more channel exposure2. Brand operation management: More channels to gain users' attention by exposing on search result page with content distribution in the Xiaohongshu community.3. Interaction between followers: The brand account offers multiple operation tools to boost follower interaction, as well as increasing their loyalty.4. Data insight: The backend of the Brand Account provides productive insight to empower content marketing, driven by the accumulated multidimensional data.5. Conversion of transactions: The Brand Account provides the brand flagship store function to convert online traffic to transaction efficiently.