Xiaohongshu Breakthrough 85 Million Monthly Active Users in Its 6th Anniversary

release time: June 6th, 2019
On June 6th, 2019, Xiaohongshu celebrated its 6th anniversary of establishment. The founder of Xiaohongshu, Miranda QU, and Charlwin Mao issued an internal letter to all employees. The letter announced that the number of monthly active users of Xiaohongshu had exceeded 85 million. In the past year, the UGC content of digital, home, wedding, and other lifestyles has increased by more than ten times.The following is the full text of the internal letter:Dear REDers,We are glad to share the great news. Xiaogongshu has exceeded 85 million monthly active users (MAUs) on Jun 6th, the 6th anniversary of the establishment. It's a significant number worth celebrating for Xiaohongshu as a lifestyle community. Thank you all for your hard work. The result is also reflecting the user's feedback. We put our effort with our heart, and the users even choose to accompany us.Xiaohongshu established in 2013. Do you guys still remember back to then? Have you ever thought that you will have a group of exciting people to do such meaningful things together in the summer of 2019? In 2013, Kardashian took a selfie in a white swimsuit and created the annual hot word #Belfie - the abbreviation of bum-selfie on Instagram. In 2019, the celebrity who has the highest popularity on Instagram also became one member of our users.In 2013, China became the world's largest outbound tourism country for the first time. The number of outbound tourists almost achieve 100 million, of which more than 40 million chose Hong Kong as their destination. The overseas shopping expenses accounted for 35% of the total foreign consumption, and shopping became where people spend the most when traveling abroad. The major shopping malls are crowded at HongKong's Christmas season more than any previous years at 2013. Xiaohongshu's very first users regularly update and explore information on the Xiaohongshu APP, in returns more and more of them continuously produce contents.In 2019, more than 1 million feeds about #HongKong have published in our community. A senior college student in Shanghai told us that she could "plan a HongKong trip for local Hongkong friends" only according to the posts on Xiaohongshu, which made her feel "very proud. "In the previous year, our community has achieved the following growth: technology & digital increased 11.4 times, home decoration increased 10.1 times, healthcare increased 11.6 times, pet products increased 8.6 times, wedding products & services increased 10.4 times, music products increased 8.5 times. Behind the abundant contents were user's multi-lifestyles. It is the value of our work to connect people in this world.Some REDers may still remember that in the winter of 2013, a college student studying in Beijing sent us a bag of Harbin sausage with a card. She thanked Xiaohongshu for letting her know more possibilities in the future. She would also like to see a bigger world after she graduated.In 2019, we met a 33-years-old user who was operating a clothing store for more than a decade in the countryside with 700,000 population in Guangdong. She said that she likes to introduce new things to her hometown, "Just like Xiaohongshu, we introduce popular things in all aspects of life, and let more people know."The change in lifestyle begins with a shift in consciousness. There are more and more people who like to explore a bigger world; Some users want to bring the life that they saw on Xiaohongshu in real life.Dear REDers, the dream came true is because of you. In the future, please continue to work together to make Xiaohongsh, the sincerity, beautiful, diversified online virtual city keep this generation company and create the life they want.Miranda Qu & Charlwin MaoJun 6th, 2019